Thursday, September 01, 2011

minor victories :: drop the needle edition

College music majors know well the concept of "drop the needle".  That's the not-so-affectionate (and now rather outdated) term that refers to the listening portions of music history exams where a snippet of music is played and the students must identify it, its composer, and varying degrees of information about both (such as the specific movement of this selection if it is a multi-movement work, the composer's life span, defining characteristics of that person's music, other works by the same composer, etc.).  The selection played during the exam can come from any point in the piece as though a record needle were dropped on an LP -- it rarely starts at the beginning.

So as we're driving to preschool this morning, the younger lad requests "the one with the drums," and I couldn't help but think that this is the preschool version of that rather stressful game from my college days.

But I got it right. 
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