Tuesday, September 07, 2010

cookie monster

Do you think the elder lad's teacher might have some choice words for me if I send cookies each the size of her Kindergartners' heads for their mid-morning snack tomorrow?
I probably would.

Even if the cookies do have oatmeal (for "O" week), whole wheat flour and wheat germ in them, and even if the theme O'the week is friendship such that they could theoretically share the cookies, sending saucer-sized cookies might not earn me any brownie points.

Ooh, brownies...

*Smaller but still decent-sized cookies are boxed up and ready to go...


  1. Hungry?? :) You know, she might not mind. Send a note with him and ask her what she would prefer.

  2. That sounds good! We are not allowed to send homemade items to school. Only pre-packaged. Makes me sad! I would rather send items that I know what is in them, then something pre-packaged. :(


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